Very few people can resist the temptation:

A lot of people have this opinion about jazz not being for everyone. It only suits the palate of a few. But the fact my friend is that jazz as a musical genre is something that entices every soul. Jazz is one type of music that not only qualifies for the soulful music but it also has all the elements of the fast paced music.
The reason for this is that jazz as a music genre heavily borrows from all kinds of music. Be it the African rhythms, the hip hop or the pop they are all integrated to create jazz. In a way, jazz is only n inspiration from the various other forms of music.

Actually, jazz is improvisation:

Jazz affords its musicians the creative freedom to be able to improvise on the piece of music even as he is playing it. This is typically special about this form of music. No other musical form is open ended to be able to afford this. The musicians who play jazz once are hooked on to the music forever mainly because they enjoy the freedom that the form of music affords them.

The ensemble:

The jazz bands can be two people like the up to a twenty member jazz band. The right size of the jazz band can be determined on the basis if the event and the scale of the event. If it is a quiet marriage affair, then a two or three musician band would suffice and if it is a state function or a corporate event on a large scale then a twenty member jazz brand would be appropriate.  


A jazz is for any occasion:

There is never a moment of celebration which does not warrant a jazz ensemble. Be it a wedding whether simple or grand, a nice occasion like celebrating corporate success and even funeral service, they all can be extra special if the musicians are their jazziest best!

The bigger the event the bigger the ensemble can be:

This is not a rule of thumb though but the bigger and the grander events always have more than twelve to fifteen jazz musicians playing in tandem and creating an environment that is as soothing as it is invigorating.

The price of the band for hire can increase if there are more number of musicians in it and so it is a good idea to check on the indicators before hiring them and booking for your event. You may also log on to the internet and find out the most popular jazz bands in your area before zeroing in on the one that you would like to hire for your special day.


Jazz for a wedding:

If you are looking for music to grace a wedding event, you must consider a jazz band that can play some swing that can prompt some dancing on the floor also. For a quiet solemnizing or the engagement you could go for a traditional jazz session.

Jazz for other events:

There are a lot of events in the corporate world which call for toasting or for celebration for instance promotions, mergers, acquisitions, retirement, etc. A jazz band and its soulful music is perhaps the best bet for such kind of an event. The constitution of the band and the music that they need to play can be determined according to the budget that the party is following and also the venue, that is to say whether it is an indoor or an outdoor one.

Trad jazz or Traditional jazz is the most preferred form of music if the even to be hosted in an outdoor one.




Have you heard about the 'Trad' jazz bands?

The original proponents of this form of music were African Americans and this form’s popularity served as a great employment opportunity for with all due respect men who belonged to such ethnicity.

New Orleans is regarded as the birthplace of this form of jazz. The traditional form of jazz involves marching beat music with the principal instruments being the trumpet, clarinet and the trombone.

For the funeral services, somber marching music is played while leading the procession to the cemetery and then followed by the mass and the wake where the musicians can play different music from soothing to joyful in the spirit of celebrating the life of the departed.